The Importance of a Home Security System for Your Ageing Parents

As our parents’ age, it’s only natural for us to want to do everything we can to help them stay safe and comfortable in their own homes. In addition to setting them up with things like security doors and strong locks, one way to do this is by installing a home security system. A home security system can provide your ageing parents with an extra layer of protection, deterring burglars and strangers from entering their home, and giving them a way to contact you or emergency services in the event of an accident or incident.

Nevertheless, if you feel that the home security system you wish to install at your parents’ place is not sufficient, then you could also consider installing a controlled access gate system for some added security. That said, in this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of a home security system for your aged parents and how it can help maintain peace of mind.

Lower insurance rates

One of the benefits of a home security system is that it can lower your parents’ insurance rates if they’re with an insurance company like onesure or someone similar. Elderly parents are more likely to forget to lock windows and doors, making their home a target for thieves and vandals. A home security system, however, deters burglars and strangers from entering their home. In addition, a home security system can also help to protect their home in the event of a fire or flood, which they may not notice until it’s too late. As such, installing a home security system can lower insurance premiums by protecting against the increased risk associated with being older and less capable.

Improved protection against falls

If you are concerned about your parents’ safety, a home security system can provide you with the peace of mind that your parents are absolutely fine. Knowing that your parents have an extra layer of protection can help you to relax and enjoy yourself when you’re not with them, safe in the knowledge that they are safe at home. If one of your parents were to slip and fall, for example, you’d be able to see them on their CCTV, meaning you could call the emergency services for them. The last thing you want is for one of your parents to be lying on the floor unable to get up, so if you can see when they need help, they’ll be much safer.

Reduced risk of abuse

If your parents are looked after by a district nurse, you may wish to monitor the care they are receiving through their home security system. It must be noted that the vast majority of district nurses do their job to the highest of standards, because most facilities like this in home care south nashville center, provide adequate training after ensuring that their nurses are thoroughly background-checked. However, there are rare cases where elderly people have experienced neglect or abuse at the hands of their carer. Ageing parents often have memory issues, which leaves them vulnerable to exploitation when you’re not there to look after them. A home security system, however, will give you the ability to check that your parents’ carer is doing their job properly. Not only will this create a safer environment for your parents, it will also help you to monitor the care they are receiving.

Increased connection

A home security system is primarily there to keep your parents safe, but it can also give you the chance to see them more often than you would without it. Whilst your parents deserve privacy, you can check the cameras a few times a day to see how they’re doing and call them when you can see that they’re close to the phone. Many elderly people aren’t capable of using a mobile, and instead, rely on their landline to talk to people. However, this requires them to be near the phone when someone calls for them to have a chance of reaching it in time if they have mobility issues, so when you can see your parent is sitting by the phone, you can give them a quick ring. This will also help them with feelings of isolation if they live alone as they’ll know you’re always with them.
However, if you seem to have a busy schedule, making time to call your parents during the day would be tough to do. This could lead to your loved ones feeling isolated and secluded. To avoid such scenarios, you could consider buying them a home in a senior living neighborhood (check out this community for an idea) where they can make friends and would not feel lonely at all times.


A home security system is a great way to protect your ageing parents. It can provide them with an extra cushion to fall back on in an emergency and will help you to relax knowing that they’re in safe hands, even when you’re not there. If you are concerned about your parents’ safety, or even just concerned that they’re isolated and lonely, a home security system is definitely worth considering.

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