How to Deal with Anxiety Spirals

Anxiety spirals are not only a problem in general; they can be extremely harmful behavior to one’s mental health. When an anxious person is caught in an anxious cycle, their anxiety rises, putting more strain on their coping mechanisms, which can lead to them feeling increasingly anxious about their anxiety, and the anxiety cycle repeats itself.

What is an anxiety spiral? An anxiety spiral is one of the most common types of negative thought patterns. It’s a negative thought pattern that is the result of suffering a panic attack or anxiety disorder in general. In an anxiety spiral, you may begin to feel hopeless and helpless and that nothing you do will help. You may begin to feel trapped in this negative cycle and feel that you must change things to break out of it, but every time you try to change something, you feel worse.

You might be the most driven person in the world or the most relaxed. You might be the kind of person who never gets nervous or the one who goes into panic mode at the drop of a hat. You may be a “glass half empty” person or a “glass half full” person. Regardless of what type of person you are, when you start to feel anxious, it can set off a spiral of predictions and physical symptoms that result in a full-blown anxiety attack. The most common anxiety spirals include feeling overwhelmed and helpless or escaping the situation by dwelling on it. Many would look at options like CBD gummies (you could read more here, if interested) or even oil to relieve their stress related anxiety problems, while others might practice meditation.

Anxiety and depression. Mental health problems. These are difficult subjects to write about, especially for someone who has never experienced them. That’s where I come in: as someone who suffers from both, I’ve been there, and I’ve got your back.

How to deal with anxiety spirals?

  • Practice self–compassion

Compassion is often described as the most beautiful and powerful emotion known to man. Without it, we would have no sense of empathy and no way to understand our fellow humans. As it turns out, people who are more compassionate and empathetic tend to be happier, healthier, and more successful. In the quest for a happier and healthier life, many people turn to meditation and mindfulness as a way to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.

  • Speak to someone

While it may seem like the easiest thing in the world to do, finding the strength to speak to a friend, family member, or professional therapist (that you can find at clinics like Citron Hennessey) doesn’t come easy to a lot of people. Some feel like when they do speak out, they are finally accepting that they do have a problem with their mental health, but this is something that you shouldn’t feel ashamed by. More people than you know are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress, and when you finally find a method that can help you to cope, you will be able to manage it a lot more effectively. Start by speaking to someone. Even if you don’t think they will help you, simply letting your thoughts and feeling off your chest will help you feel a lot better.

  • Set a reminder that this too shall pass

We have all been there: all day, our thoughts keep returning to the past and the future, to the difficulties and triumphs we have been through and now face. Our minds are filled with these thoughts, and we cannot get them out: they overrun our daily routine, we feel so tired and stressed that we cannot think straight, and we do not even have the energy to enjoy our life: what’s the point in living if you’re not able to enjoy it? Reminding yourself that everything that is happening is just temporary can help.

  • Build yourself a calm music playlist

All of us have had or will have some sort of anxiety in our lives. Anxiety is an emotion that can happen when we experience uncertainty in our future, making it hard to feel relaxed or calm. To deal with anxiety, you can take medication, talk to a therapist, or learn to meditate, among other activities that help you to relax. Some people might even try to cope with the constant stress by using cannabis products available at HiBrid or similar dispensaries, due to their many relaxing effects. Although, one of the ways to lose anxious feelings is by listening to calm music. Calm music is without beats and fast tempo, which is calming because it is relaxing.

  • Exercise

Anxiety problems are often the result of this vicious circle: the more anxious you are, the less likely you are to leave your house and the less likely you are to go for a walk outside. Of course, the best way to break out of this cycle is with physical activity.

  • Take a deep breath from your belly

Have you ever been in a spiral of anxiety? Like you can’t get out of bed, eat or sleep because you are in a state of constant fear and dread. So, what to do? Well, the answer is to find the breath in all of this. When it comes to anxiety, the breath is your friend that can help you find peace and calm.

Furthermore, you can also take the aid of cannabis to help you relax. The THC content in cannabis can help reduce anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses. For this reason, it might be prudent to consult a doctor before using such products. Upon your doctor’s recommendation, you can then buy cannabis from buymyweedonline or similar retailers who can deliver it to your home.

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can be terrifying, hard to understand, and extremely difficult to control, but we can help. By educating ourselves about the science behind these conditions and the challenges we face, we can understand how to prevent and manage them effectively and help each other do so.

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