Meet The Bloggers

Welcome! We’re Chris and Sophie Baxter the bloggers of Security Home and we have created this blog as a fun activity to do together. We have been married for 10 years now and are both writers for a newspaper, so we thought that started a blog would be something very different and allow us to tap into the more creative part of our writing.

The reason for the name behind our blog is that it is focused on the home and family and it all about making things safe and secure whether that be home security or family relationships. We love family and often have gatherings and parties so that we can all get together and celebrate love and happiness! It not only helps us to feel connected but it makes every month feel like a party. So therefore our blog will be focused on family relationships and home security (how to keep your family safe).

A bit more about us is that we have two 6-year-old twin boys and chickens in the backyard, so we have fresh eggs almost every morning! We live in New Orleans so there is always great food to be cooked and made by neighbors and some secret recipes from my Nanna, making it an amazing place to live and watch our kids grow up. We love our home and we would love you to love yours too!

So, we hope that you take something from our blog and enjoy it!


Chris and Sophie